Capital Raising

Hall Capital is experienced in the private and public capital raising process. Acting objectively, and with the interests of the client in mind, Hall Capital is independent of the stockbrokers, accountants, legal and tax advisers.

The Company has had considerable exposure to private capital raisings through its contacts with venture capital firms and wealthy individuals. Due to Hall Capital's reputation as an independent organisation it has the credibility to present companies to potential investors in their best light.


Services offered in the capital raising area include advice regarding:

  • Development of long term capital strategy;
  • Development of investor presentation materials;
  • Negotiation - preparation, strategy and execution;
  • Introduction to investors, strategic partners, debt providers, key staff and Board candidates;
  • Introduction to key service providers and management of them;
  • Preparation of companies for private capital raising/public flotation;
  • Prospectus/information memorandum drafting;
  • Issue pricing, structure, timing and costs;
  • Selection of an underwriter/broker to the issue;
  • Presentation of the issue to institutional and retail investors.


Hall Capital offers clients independent, unbiased advice as to available divestments options which may include:

  • Trade Sale - sale to an industry participant;
  • Public Float - full or partial sale to institutional and private (retail) investors involving a listing on the Australian Stock Exchange Limited;
  • Leveraged Buyout - sale to a financial buyer (usually backed by venture capital and significant proportion of bank debt);
  • Management Buyout/Buyin - sale to incumbent / new management team (usually backed by venture capital and significant proportion of bank debt).
  • Partial Divestment - sale of part of the business to a third party such as a strategic investor or private equity investor. 


Hall Capital is able to perform a meaningful analysis of the above alternatives for clients up front. Hall Capital is highly experienced and expert in running competitive sale processes that allow all of the above divestment options to be fully explored, negotiated and executed to optimise the probable result for the client.  

Independence and industry expertise allows Hall Capital to help clients choose the best underwriter for their business and achieve the optimal issue pricing, structure and fees.


Services offered in the divestment area include advice regarding:

  • Commercially preferable sale/float structures;
  • Sale methodology to be adopted (closed tender, open tender etc);
  • Sale/float market pricing parameters;
  • Information memorandum/prospectus drafting;
  • Appointment of underwriters/brokers, legal and accounting advisers;
  • Identification of potential purchasers/investors;
  • Negotiations on behalf of the client with purchasers/investors/ underwriters.


Hall Capital works with clients in formulating and executing a successful and focused acquisitions strategy.

The client's identity is kept confidential until the appropriate point of the transaction, with Hall Capital handling negotiations, allowing the client to remain one step removed from the target and maintain focus on running their business. The above strategy focuses on identifying and executing acquisitions that add maximum value to the client rather than only looking at companies that may presently be on the market.


Services offered in the acquisitions area include advice regarding:

  • Formulation of an acquisitions strategy;
  • Market analysis to develop a list of acquisition targets;
  • Information gathering regarding target availability, financial and operating data;
  • Analysis of comparable companies;
  • Assisting in arriving at a range of acquisition valuations;
  • Assisting in conducting negotiations with the targets;
  • Assisting in managing legal, accounting, and tax advisors;
  • Providing commercial input to legal contract negotiations.